Healthy Eating Habits (Tips to achieve our maximum fat-burning potential)

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Hi, friends. I just finished read a book titled “365 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism”. The word ‘METABOLISM’ sounds familiar, right? Actually I had this topic in my 2nd year’s subject. Back then, I really didn’t like this topic. Need to memorize all the cycles, the relation between cycles, digestion process from A to Z, related enzymes, diet plan, etc. Huh, how time flies, right? But now, reading all the process, made me realized something. Metabolism is actually really an interesting subject for us to explore. It’s about our own body. How we treat our body. And now, I want to share some tips about healthy eating habits:

  • Eat plenty of lean protein
  • Eat a high fiber breakfast to lower fat consumption
  • DON’T skip meals
  • Keep your blood sugar stable
  • Drinking it up (stay hydrated)
  • Snacking smartly
  • Eat less
  • Eat enough
  • Eat several small meals a day

I said :
People always talk about diet, healthy body, weight loss, body exercises and healthy foods. All these talks are about metabolism. It is an advantage for me learning this subject as I can maximize my metabolic rate. You know, I used to skip my meals in order to lose my weight. Is it effective? The answer is NO. At the end, I crave for high sugar foods due to starvation. The thing is I forgot that to burn fat, my body need energy. Not eating means no energy. And I just knew that by doing so, our body will think it is going into starvation mode and it need to conserve energy by storing fat. See, instead of burning fat, I actually store more fat. Huhu. Okay, I will not skip my meals anymore. Though the tips seem like nothing, but it is actually works. For me, these are the most basic of our eating habits, in a healthy way. Just my opinion..

Source  : 365 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, by Rachel Laferriere, MS, RD

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