Alfalfa : Mengapa digelar sebagai Raja Segala Tumbuhan?

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Sesuai dengan gelarannya, Alfalfa merupakan tumbuhan yang sangat kaya dengan pelbagai nutrisi. Alfalfa telah digunakan oleh manusia sejak lebih dari 2500 tahun dan telah dikenalpasti sebagai makanan yang paling kaya dengan pelbagai nutrisi dan zat galian. Ia membekalkan nutrisi yang mana kebanyakannya tidak terdapat dalam buah-buahan mahupun sayur-sayuran. Ia kaya dengan protein, asid amino, klorofil, serat, 15 zat galian, 10 vitamin, 8 enzim dan fitokimia. 10 biji Alfalfa menyediakan nutrisi yang menyamai segelas susu.


Essential Enzymes :
Lipase – fat splitting; Amylase – acts on starches; Coagulase – coagulates or clots blood; Emulsin – acts upon sugar; Invertase - converts cane sugar to dextrose; Peroxidate – oxidizing effect of the blood; Pectinase – forms vegetable jelly; Protase – digests proteins

Minerals :
  • Calcium - builds and maintains bones and teeth; helps clot blood, aids in vitality and endurance; regulates heart rhythm, soothes nerves.
  • Iron - required in manufacturing hemoglobin; helps carry oxygen in the blood.
  • Manganese is a trace element that is thought to be involved with the body's use of carbohydrates from food. This helps alfalfa lower blood sugar levels. Because alfalfa may have a lowering effect on blood sugar, alfalfa may increase the effectiveness of medications used for the treatment of diabetes. **Contact your doctor before beginning supplementation with alfalfa if you are being treated with medication for diabetes.
  • Potassium - necessary for normal muscle tone, nerves, heart action and enzyme reactions; digests fats.
  • Phosphorus - needed for normal bone and tooth structure. Interrelated with action of calcium and Vitamin D. Improves nourishment of nerve tissue.
  • Chlorine (chloride) - an essential electrolyte which cleans and purifies the body; regulates fat, sugar and starch metabolism.
  • Sodium - regulates fluid balance throughout body; neutralizes acids, prevents clotting of blood; activates spleen, bowels and stomach functions.
  • Silicon Magnesium - helps body to deal with constipation; steadies the nerves; has protective effect on skin and body; stimulates brain function.
  • Alfalfa's deep roots seek out minerals in the subsoil, which are inaccessible to other plants. The average alfalfa plant has roots 10 to 20 feet long or more.
  • Vitamin A - for night vision and important for eye health. Builds resistance to infections, especially in the respiratory tract; promotes growth ands vitality; promotes healthy skin and is essential in pregnancy.
  • Vitamin E - protects cells against damage from sun's radiation and air pollution; promotes heart, cardiovascular and muscle health and improved immune function; promotes muscle tone in the body; helps bring nutrients to cells and helps strengthen blood vessel walls, including capillary walls; helps proper focusing of the eyes.
  • Vitamin U - promotes health of body to help overcome peptic ulcers.
  • Vitamin B6 - helps food assimilation and protein and fat metabolism; promotes nerve and skin health; helps battle nausea symptoms.
  • Vitamin K - essential for blood clotting; important in liver functions; may possibly contribute to vitality and longevity. Alfalfa can increase the ability of blood to clot after an injury. Aspirin delays clotting, so taking alfalfa could interfere with the anticoagulant effects of aspirin. Alfalfa should not be used while aspirin or any anti-clotting medication is being taken on a regular basis unless the doctor knows about your supplementation.
  • Vitamin D - regulates the use of calcium and phosphorus in the body and is therefore necessary for the proper formation of strong and healthy teeth and bones.
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