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Tengah rehat tadi saje buka internet. Google2, jumpa kuiz Healthier Eating Self-Accessment. Terus la buat untuk uji ke’pandai’an diri ini. Dan di sini saya revealkan soalan2 kuiz berkenaan.
  All the breakfast options provided offer an equally healthy start to the day

 Make a healthier breakfast

A healthier breakfast has lots of benefits and can be quicker and easier to prepare than you might think.

People who eat breakfast every day tend to be healthier and manage their weight better, as they're not tempted to eat an unhealthy snack mid-morning. And research shows that children who eat breakfast perform better on standard attainment tests (SATs) and have fewer behavioral problems in school.

As a guide, you should aim for around 400kcal at breakfast time.

A small mocha is the most calorific of the options provided at around 157kcal. A small latte contains around 120. A white coffee is only around 18kcal.

A blueberry muffin is the most calorific of the options provided at 355kcal. A brownie is around 264 kcal. A fruit scone is a better option at around 195 kcal.

Potatoes do not count toward your 5 a day.

Cheese and tomato is generally the highest calorie sandwich at around 472 kcal. Prawn mayo is around 350 kcal. Ham and salad is generally lowest at 2884 kcal.

The recommendation is that women drink around 1.6 litres (around 8 glasses) and men, 2 liters (around 3 glasses).

What count as fluids?

Everything counts, but the healthiest options are water, milk and fruit juices. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks.

Try to avoid sugary soft and fizzy drinks that can be high in added sugars. These can be high in calories and bad for teeth.

The lowest calorie takeaway is the chicken shish at around 356 kcal.

Of the drinks, water is the healthiest option.

Starchy food should make up around a third of your diet. Choose wholegrain varieties where you can.

Eating a lot of red processed meat can increase your risk of bowel cancer so it’s best not to exceed 70g per day.

A healthy diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish.

For a vegetarian diet to be balanced, you need to eat protein from a variety of sources to get the right mixture of amino acids, which are used to build and repair the body’s cells.

Eggs do contain cholesterol but there is no recommendation limit. Just make sure you have as balanced diet as possible.

As a guide a man needs around 2500kcal a day to maintain a healthy body weight, and a woman 2000kcal.

Maaf, tak sempat nak translate tapi rasanya semua pun faham kan? Jawapan yang diberikan tak semestinya 100% betul. Bagi saya bila sebut tentang corak pemakanan, semuanya bergantung pada individu itu sendiri. Sebab persekitaran kita tak sama, aktiviti harian kita pun berbeza. Kadar metabolisma kita, juga tahap kesihatan kita. Contohnya, orang yang sakit diabetes mestilah kene kurangkan pengambilan gula berbanding orang normal.

Apapun, sedikit sebanyak kuiz di atas boleh tambah ilmu pengetahuan kita tentang nutrition. Sharing is caring.

Semoga entry ini bermanfaat buat anda. Terima kasih.


  1. terima kasih di atas perkongsian info ini.. sangat bermanfaat.. :D

  2. terima kasih di atas perkongsian info ini.. sangat bermanfaat.. :D