9 Fakta Vitamin E yang mungkin anda tidak tahu

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Ramai dah tahu tentang fungsi-fungsi vitamin E, tapi masih ramai yang tak tahu fakta di sebalik suplemen vitamin E.

1) I know that vitamins can’t work properly without minerals, but do some minerals make them work more effectively than others?

--->>> For vitamin E, for instance works best with calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium  and zinc.

Vitamin E Shaklee dilengkapi selenium

2) How can I tell if I’m getting a natural or a synthetic vitamin E?

For natural vitamin E the sources are vegetable oil, wheat germ oil, or mixed tocopherols and d-alpha tocopheral.

# dl-alpha tocopheral indicates a syntetic. In fact, the “dl” form of any supplement is synthetic

3) Natural alpha-tocopherol supplements are twice as biologically potent as sinthetic ones

4) If you’re on a diet high in polysaturated oils, you might need additional vitamin E.

Shaklee adalah suplemen semulajadi

5) If you ara having surgery, I suggest that you discontinue vitamin E supplements for two weeks before and after your operation to ensure proper blood clotting, unless adviced otherwise by your doctor.

6) Natural vitamin E supplements are absorbed twice as well as synthetic ones. (Natural supplements ara labeled d-alpha-tocopherol; synthetic are dl).

7) Inorganic iron (ferrous sulfate) destroys vitamin E, so the two should not be taken together.

8) Ferrous gluconate, peptonate, citrate, or fumerate (organic iron complexes) DO NOT destroy vitamin E.

9) Selenium synergistic with vitamin E, meaning each increases effectiveness of the other

Sumber : New Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell’s

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